Thursday, October 18, 2007

Demeter SE shape from Zada Zenovka

The new realistic looking Demeter shape from Zada Zenovka's Zada Shapes store, has been mentioned on Second Style and on Kit Meredith's blog, but I thought I'd discuss it here.

First, I'm all for more realistic shapes in SL, I've reduced the height and added some mass to my regular shape to make it look a touch more realistic than the "Supermodel Centerfold" it was. I'm also suprised and a bit miffed that some folks with more realistic or unusual shapes get slammed in anon comments on some blogs. It's a good thing that there are those who try to get their avatars to look like themselves or more RL in general.

The Demeter shape itself looks about a size 12-14 US to me. she's got a rounder face, a slightly belly and larger thighs, meaning she's very realistic looking. Since she does look like "the woman next door" I decided to put her in a "woman next door outfit", a hoodie and hair from Maitreya, Strict Jeans from Launa Fauna, ETD booties, and a TaP Vivant skin (Just lips) This is the freebie, no-mod, version Zada released to encourage diversity among avatars. The full mod version with extras is 800L$

The face itself reminds me of Alyson Hannigan's face, but rounder. It's pleasant.

For comparison, my regular shape, same skin, outfit and hair.

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Anonymous said...

Crono, one of these days you're going to take a bad picture, I just haven't seen it yet. You've done it again - even the Demeter looks great on you, and far, far better than it did on me...

Great post - thanks for the link, I returned the favor over on my original post. Bye!