Thursday, October 04, 2007


Thanks to the open source movement, there's new and alternative clients for SL. One of them is SLeek, a minimalistic client that lets you chat and view your inventory with a minimal interface. From what I see this thing could run on a machine without a 3D card.

From the README:

SLeek v0.2.0
By: Delta Czukor

Since the interface seems pretty straightforward, I'm simply going to list what does and doesn't work in SLeek.

What works:
- Logging in!
- Receiving and sending chat (whisper, say, shout) from agents and objects.
- Receiving a list of nearby agents.
- Reveiving a list of nearby objects.
- Teleporting.
- Sending and receiving IMs (online and offline).
- People search.
- SLeek Scripting (to be rewritten in a future release).
- Inventory support (not all item types supported yet).
- Sending typing animation when typing.
- Setting away/busy status.
- Flying.
- Autopilot (+ flying).
- Profile viewing (basic).
- Sending and receiving teleport offers.
- Debug log.
- Region search.
- Basic Friends functionality.
- Payments.

What doesn't work (or just isn't there yet):
- Groups functionality.
- Too much other stuff. :P

- Enter/Return: Says the inputted chat text.
- Ctrl+Enter: Shouts the inputted chat text.
- Ctrl+Shift+Enter: Whispers the inputted chat text.
- Ctrl+Alt+D: Toggles the Debug menu (next to Help, may take two or three tries).

How to contact me:
- Web:
- Email:
- SL: Delta Czukor
- IRC: EFNet #secondlife, #libsl

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