Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Taking one for the Colonel

Some of you may remember the Great War between Neualtenburg and Caledon" (the fictional just for fun and charity war). Anyway during The War, some brave Neualtenwhoever Husar tossed a grenade at the unit I was in. The officer in charge was Colonel Hotspur Otoole. Great officer, handsome officer, rather successful with the ladies he was. Getting back to the grenade, I tended to be rather alert to the things, wanting to keep the lads and lasses (and tinies, furries, robots, etc) in my squad as non-dead as they could be. It was headed right towards Hotspur's spurs, (He had just had another prim horse blown up from under him and was serving in our foot unit and hadn't taken them off. I, of course, being a valiant I-work-for-a-living, I'd-better-get-a-Posthumous-Knighthood-for-this, kind of Sergeant, I )threw myself of the device to save the Colonel and anyone else within range of the "boom". But after some time had passed there was no boom. As we discovered, some manufacturer of the device had accidentally replaced the explosive that was supposed to be in it with mince. As in mince pie, mince. The only injury i sustained was a bruised (and punctured hip) The pin was sharper than my favorite hat pin. As such, the Colonel said, I was entitled to complain about it and whine a little.

Adding insult to injury War Department I didn't qualify for a "wounded in battle" award. Some mixup the Colonel said. Supposedly I'll be awarded one, "soon". I believe that I'm more likely to be Queen of the Grid before that happens.

(The Colonel came up with that idea of me falling on a dud grenade during the War. Funnny!)

Also I attended a discussion of "Group narratives" at the Library. It was mostly about the Journey to 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Mysterious Island And was very interesting. Zealot Benmergui has to be one of the most quotable Caledonians ever, (and Caledonians in general are pretty darned quotable)

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Hotspur O'Toole said...

Now now, you bore up like a brave soldier. I greatly appreciated the gesture at the time, as you may recall.