Tuesday, September 25, 2007

12 Avatars Don't vote for CC! UPDATE CC didn't win the vote count, YAY!

Yes, I entered the contest,for the "glory", there's over 600 avatars entered, I think. More info here My vote picture is on kiosk 27, side D in Tellus III This is the outfit I used, the tweedy coat from Bare Rose Couture, skin from Tete a Pied, Short Crop hair from Aveda by Elika and the great Pinson boots from EnkyThings

But Don't Vote for CC! I just found out via the Fashion Victim blog that there's people entered who if they win will donate their winnings to charities, find one of them and vote for them!

Natalia Zelmanov is one.

But if I do happen to win, which I won't, I'll donate to the Red Cross in SL. Thanks to Stephanie Misfit for that suggestion.


I didn't win the vote count. I only got two votes, one of which was mine. Okay who voted for me, you deserve a hug or something. I am surprised by the vote counts a bit, but it doesn't matter. Though we know who won the vote counts, we don't know who will be picked to fill the other 10 slots yet. Those are going to get picked by "consultants" Congratulations to the Winners: Babyhoney Bailey (Grand Prize Winner) with 403 votes and yolesa palen (Runner-Up Prize Winner)with 378 votes.


Anonymous said...

Sadly Natalia is no longer a contestant!
She decided to withdraw because of a stupid polemic about her "Vote against hunger" campaign...
In Rl or in SL is the same, some people simply can't avoid being mean!
Anyway, good luck for the contest, i don't know if i will vote but if so i will surely vote for you!


Azar Kazan said...

To some extent I don't support the contest because I feel the average SL person will not win, however, I feel what she did was rather selfless. God the byatches on here are so catty, making her withdraw.

BTW I was so excited to meet you at the jewelry expo :) It takes some balls to ruth intentionally. I <3 you!