Thursday, October 18, 2007


I love boots! I've been wanting lots of boots in RL, but SL boots are cheaper:

ETD's ankle boots, the perfect high heeled ankle boot. I can buy similar ones in RL!

Tesla's Analise suede calf boot. I'm not a big fan of calf boots, but I like these with their medium conish heel and slight platform. (the hard thing about calf boots is they're too long for pants but too short for most skirts)

The Oh What a Neat Boutique's 80's style slouch boots, very Molly Ringwald Brat Pack era.

Adam n Eve's heeled riding boot, very Eddie Bauer dressy casual

And my favorite boots in SL that took me forever to find, the enkythings Pinson, high heeled pointy toed sleek, but classy boot. I have boots very similar to these in RL


Alaska Metropolitan said...

Hey! I have those ETD boots in RL! :D They're from H&M and surprisingly comfortable for a stiletto heel.

CronoCloud said...

These ankle boots from Nine West are similar too:

and look alikes for Sachi's boots: