Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In the Navy!

Caledon has a Navy for the usual do-gooding purposes, boosterism, charity fundraising, as well as the opportunity to wear neat uniforms and if you're an officer, a REALLY BIG HAT. I just joined the Caledon Navy as a plain ordinary Sailor, no big hat yet. Ready to repel itchysporkchowchow boarders and swab the decks, Sir! (Maaliyah hair, TaP Vivant Just lips 1)

And I just happened to have a freebie Cokes steamboat that I modded into a "brown water patrol boat" I was in the land based Milita and am a Gunbunny (as a Penguin) so I'm more akin to a Royal Navy Marine. I added the Navy ensign, and made me a simple US Civil War style swivel cannon to put on it. It's non-functional, just for show, though the bore is probably a bit too large for a boat this size.

And here I am, patrolling Port Caledon. There's plenty of water in Caledon to pilot a small boat in, even the interior river of Caledon Cay is navigable.

You to can join the Navy and sail the seven seas. Look for the recruitment posters at the Caledon telehubs. The HQ is at the Salty Mermaid Tavern in Caledon Kittiwickshir. right near the Telehub.

Cheer up my lads/lasses/tinies/furries/other, tis for glory we steer!

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