Sunday, April 10, 2016

SecondSnaps Studio 3 Mesh Modeling Studio, by Ava Rage

Ava Rage, fashionista (and friend) par excellance has updated her SecondSnaps studio.  As any long time readers would know, her studio replaced my "vintage" Picture Perfect studio from Sabrina Doolittle, though I kept the Picture Perfect pose stand in use because I liked it slightly better than the one in the earlier versions of the SecondSnaps studios......until now.

Basically the studio big buttons to choose and switch between textures, and you can add more via texture sets or make your own.  It also has built in lighting and other features.

But the posestand does something that I don't think any other pose stand in SL does.  You rez it a bit ABOVE your picture taking spot and pose BELOW it.  With other pose stands that you stand ON, if you're wearing a long dress it can get in the way of the buttons to switch poses...but not this one.  They're ABOVE you and they're not tiny little things, so easy to click on.  It has the standard show/hide feature and you can add more poses as usual.

I slapped my 3-axis rotation script that lets me rotate a pose stand at any angle I want with a chat command without having to manually turn it via the edit window.  For example "/7 z 180" rotates the stand 180 degrees for quick pictures of the back of outfits.

All in all the SecondSnaps is the "best selling full-featured entry-level studio since 2011," for very good reasons.  It just "works", doesn't have a high LI, is easy to use, and is inexpensive.  I highly recommend it.

Acquire the SecondSnaps Studio via Marketplace  or via the SecondSnaps in-world store, for only L$350 for studio and pose stand.

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