Thursday, April 07, 2016

Gothy Cheesecake, in ISON

After I saw Connie Arida in that ISON bralette in knickers set on flickr, I said to myself as I often do:  "CC Want Pretty."  Strangely, when the Shopping Desire Monkey hits me with the need for what we used to call a "Lemming run" (those are what happens when something becomes popular amongst the Fashionistas and makeupistas of USENET newsgroup and everyone runs out and gets it), I revert to "Third Person Fashion Hulk Speak."

So I  purchased the pretties and then didn't get around to taking pictures of them....until I bought OTHER lingerie, which I can blame on Connie Arida and Strawberry Singh.  They make me buy stuff.....I'm not a shopping addict...nosirree.

So I took pictures but wanted some Charlemagne focused Cheesecake, because I had done some Unseelie cheesecake intended for the Ember-Fairlady's...which will be blogged...sometime.

Anyway, I had found this Nar Zoe (3) skin that reminded me of Charlemagne, which is a touch paler than my usual League Erin, and took pictures:

 I love this lingerie, it's sexy but vintage-y and classy.  There's a HUD for the bralette which lets you change to a sheer style and a sheer with dots option as well. Shoes are Essenz Marseilles, which are sexay, but a touch overpriced IMHO. Essenz "used" to be a budget offering, but not anymore sad to say.  I recommend KC and BabyMonkey for budget shoes these days.

This is the ISON Ethereal gown, which also comes with an option for a sheer upper bodice addition that makes it more "demure", but I prefer this strapless option without the sheer bit.

The hair I'm wearing is Truth Nayeli, one of the few Truth hairs I have in black/white in addition to LightBlondes and my usual reds.  It is one of my favorite sexy updos on the grid, and I recommend getting it or the similar Truth Mayim, which I also have.



Truth Hair


Essenz shoes

Nar Mattaru skin

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