Thursday, April 07, 2016

The Wild Wife lingerie from United Colors, more lingerie Cheescake with props to Connie Arida

Connie Arida made me buy this "Wild Wife" Lingerie because of a pic she did that the CC Liked. Thankfully, unlike Erratic lingerie, United Colors lingerie is more "reasonably" priced. It's less than HALF the price of an Erratic set, which is a good fair price for lingerie.  Sadly, stockings are not included, but I consider this lingerie to be a better buy than the Erratic Eden set.  There's a Hud that you can change the colors of the trim/straps as well.

League Erin skin, Clawtooth "Audrey H" hair that I have tinted to my proper color (good ole 128/65/0 to the rescue).  I bought the EnVogue hair that Connie was wearing in the picture, but sad to say it is NOT tintable to my proper color.

I'm not sure what shoes these are. Dirty Princess I think.

I think I look like a redheaded Scarlett Johanssen with RBF (Resting Bitch Face)  But I'm ARISTOCRATIC, not angry.  I really need to find a different skin that makes me look less "angry" and more "approachable".  I do think I look good, just in a severe way.

Gaussed and glowed this one up.Thought about picking up some violet eyes for a "Liz Taylor-esque" look, but I didn't get around to doing it.  The "Audrey H" hair reminds me more of her, than the Blessed Audrey.


League skin


United Colors

Clawtooth Hair

Dirty Princess

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