Thursday, April 07, 2016

No Romance Today, starring the Erratic Allure Robe

Imagine a little story starring a fictionalized Avatar me: 

The Lady had prepared for a special evening with her innamorata and had picked up some luscious lingerie and a robe to wear over it. Now to wait:

 The Allure robe has a closed option, Shoes from KC.

And more waiting.....where was she?
 Truth Polilla hair and League Erin Skin

 Really, what was taking her.  I've gone to a lot of expense to look pretty!

 Now I'm a little ticked off and getting a bit steamed, so I opened the robe to cool off a bit.  She had BETTER like this look when she arrived or there would be CONSEQUENCES with All Capital Letters.

 The Allure robe has a hud that lets you have it closed, open, or take if off from the hud.

I tapped my high heeled foot on the floor.  My patience is growing thin. And I'm just one of those people who liked being...obeyed.

She's still not here.  Boy was she going to GET IT!  She'd get the Resting Bitch Face for sure...even though some said I always looked Bitchface-y.  But I'm not really angry all the time.... I'm ARISTOCRATIC. Yeah, that's the ticket. Maybe I should pull out the Riding crop, that would show her.

FINE, BORED NOW!  I'm Going to bed, her loss, because I look FABULOUS!


League skin


Truth Hair


KC Couture shoes

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