Thursday, April 07, 2016

Unseelie Cheesecake, April 2016 edition, starring Erratic lingerie

As I mentioned before, Connie Arida and Strawberry Singh made me buy lingerie.  Well they didn't hold a gun to my head, they just take pretty pictures that make me want to buy stuff.

I picked up the Erratic Eden set, and thought that the white version would look good worn over my Lumae Hecate skin, Unseelie style.  Gotta have my cheesecake for my favorite Steamlands Unseelie couple, Darlingmonster Ember (nicknamed DME) and Solace Fairlady, AKA The Ember-Fairlady's.  When I go Unseelie, I tend to look DME-ish anyway.

To save time, and because I love these shots, I'm posting the raw shots taken with shadows and DOF and whatnot:

Here you can see the back of the Erratic Allure robe

And here you can see the robe, in open mode over the Eden Lingerie.  And yes, these pictures "might"  have been taken at DME's Factory in Caledon on Sea 

Lumae Hecate skin and Truth Polilla hair, with the Bentbox Faun horns. Heels from KC.  I'm really liking the pricing on KC shoes so I've been recommending them.

Frowny Unseelie says: Take the picture already!

Unseelie CC has nice cleavage.....oh okay, The CC  in general has a metric tonne of cleavage...there I admit it.

 Flying the Silver Ghost airship by DME, she did this one for halloween.  it fades in and out, ghostly style

These pictures "might" have been taken at the airstip above DME's factory.

 The aviatrix posing with her airship.

Cheesecake pinup style near the DME sign. Airships for Sale!

I'm wearing the Milk Motion spy bodysuit in these, Truth Nayeli Hair, Candydoll Arabella boots, IKON Immortal Eyes in Wight

More Airships!

Back in Lake St John, in the water, by Moonlight

Relaxing in St. John

Hey baby, I got your Unseele Cheesecake Cleavage, RIGHT HERE!


Lumae skin


Truth Hair


KC Couture shoes

Milk Motion


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