Monday, July 18, 2016

My 10th Rezday Party, July 19th 2016

Unless something unusual pops up, I'll be hosting my 10th Rezday party tomorrow with two timeslots: 12PM to 2PM (Euro-friendly) and 7PM-9PM (US Prime time)  Location is Edison Hall at St John 224/56/23

By the way, I WAS threatened with Sticks and The Squid for playing Rick Astley in 2014.

While I sometimes say I wouldn't be in SL without the Shopping Addiction, that's not the ONLY thing.  If it was "just" shopping I wouldn't have stayed in SL's the people.  All the friends and acquaintances I've met, you're one of the reasons SL is special.  And again, you're all welcome to come to the party!

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