Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Berry's SL Yearbook Smile Challenge

As I say, Berry Makes Me Blog, this time with a Yearbook style picture theme for her Monday Meme.   I imagine this is how "Ms. CC" would have looked in High School.  This is the kind of girl I wanted to be like when I was young. Preppy-feminine.  I'd have killed to look like this then.

  Sweater from Fashionably Dead, Skirt from Jane, tights from Izzie's, Flats from Ingenue, Glasses from Seburo, Hair is Sandy from Wasabi Pills, Skin is Pink Fuel Harley with the Rose lipstick (mouth version).  I went with Pink Fuel because I look younger with it.

I'd have preferred a classic black loafer but couldn't find a good one. Here's a full length shot of the outfit.

1 comment:

Strawberry Singh said...

Not even gonna deny that I love it when I make you blog. :P Loving the outfit too, very sophisticated!