Thursday, January 22, 2015

Knockers gertie dress.

After doing my entry into Berry's school yearbook meme, I began looking around the other entries and saw a vintage inspired photo by one Georgia Florence Sipe (lilaskyheart Resident), who was a redhead.  As I do like vintage and vintage loving redheads in particular, I checked out her flickr and saw a dress...THIS DRESS, from a store I had not heard of before called KnocKeRs.  I just had to have it.

It has cleavage, it is vintage, and it's so "me". This, like most 50's styles, is a descendant of Dior's famous New Look silhouette from 1947, wasp waisted and full skirted.  You can see hints of the common 50's shirt dress especially in the sleeve, though this is no June Cleaver style shirt dress, not with this much va-va-voom.  Those are the classic Yummy Michelle single strand pearl necklace and earrings you see, and Wasabi Pills Veronica hair.  I just love the little cherry bodice inset and the cute little buttons.

Here we see the full skirt and the cute cherry panel. The easiest way to tell this is a 50's dress and not an actual New Look dress is by the hemline.  New Look dresses have longer hems to the lower calf.  You can also see the Essenz Zurich pumps, which were perfect for this dress.

I happened to get a very good shot while sitting in one of the Duchess booth's.  This is one of the prettiest shots I've ever taken of my avatar. I'm pretty, whee!

The dress is VERY inexpensive, L$150...I bought two, red and black. I'll probably get the green too.



Belleza skin

Yummy Jewelry

Wasabi Pills hair

Essenz Footwear

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