Thursday, January 22, 2015

Erratic Trisha and Sax Shepherd Aphrodite Jewelry and Shoes.

I wanted to show off the Erratic Trisha dress and the Sax Shepherd Aphrodite jewelry and shoes.  I decided to wear the white version of the Trisha and bring Pink Fuel skin wearing, "Lutefisk" me up to bat.  I was playing around with windlight, graphics settings and whatnot on location.  Didn't quite get the lighting right, probably needed a bit of warmth in the lighting, even if the hair shadows turned out well.  Yes, yes, these two pictures are gaussed and glowed, glamour blog style.

These two pictures were taken at one of the pavilion builds the Boudoir girls have for sale.

Now for normal pictures where you can actually get a better look at the clothing. Trisha is a short supermodel-y party dress with a folded-ruffle bodice.  I liked the various colors enough to fatpack it, it's the sort of dress I'll get enough use out of to justify that, and the 13 color fatpack was only 995L$ when the singles are 295L$ each.  With that much differential, I just threw my L$ at the fatpack.

These pictures came across as a sort of "Daenerys from Game of Thrones crossed with 90's supermodel Claudia Schiffer".  Partly because I chose this Truth Thalia hair, which also comes with a crown, which I am not wearing.

Here you can see the headpiece, choker and big mesh earrings of the Aphrodite jewelry set.  I set it to pearl for these pictures but it has many more jewel options and four metals.  It also has drop earrings if you don't want these big glamour-girl ones.  The Decadence set with all the options is 1999L$.  Even shopaholic me, said "ouch" when I clicked the pay button for it, but it's a versatile evening set which will serve you well along side SSD's Spirit of Giving sets.

Bracelet options for both left and right wrists and a cocktail ring, all with the same jewel and metal options.   You'll notice the left and right bracelets are slightly  different in style as well so they're not super matchy, you can wear them both if you want.

And these are the Aphrodite evening sandal, same jewel options as the jewelry and many shoe least in the WDP (whole damn pack).  That pack is 1999L$.   That's 9 base shoe colors, 4 metal colors and plenty of jewel colors for a nice elegant evening sandal that will serve  those duties well alongside the SSD Mata Hari's. Yes, I know, I cringed at paying 1999L$ for a jewelry set but don't complain about throwing thousands of L$ at shoes.   But I have a shoe thing, runs in the family.  You can also get singles or Bridal, Decadence or basic packs.   But really, it's shoes, you want all the colors.  As I say, "How many colors do I need of the shoes?"  "All Of Them".  All The Shoes Are Belong To Us.

They're for the Slink High feet, so that's probably the equivalent of a RL 140mm heel at least.  Supermodel shoes in RL.  Of course, in "tekki-wiki" SL, Supermodel is YOU.  Ha, I kill me.

But if you're really smart, and pay close attention to the vendors, what you'll do is get the COMBINED shoe/jewelry Deluxe WDP pack, which will only cost you 2999L$, a much better deal.  If only I had seen that vendor for that deal before I bought the separate packs.  I facepalmed.


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