Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Berry's #secondlifeproblems Meme

Yes, yes, I could be actually blogging items I've bought, but I'm blogging another Strawberry Singh meme.  Okay, so I did buy the T-shirt, and the Truth Harmony hair, which has both a bun/updo and ponytail version, is a recent purchase, so that's something.  Now these are all jokes, so don't take them seriously:

The funny thing is, I've had a sweater, a dress and a hair color named for me. No skin or hair or gown yet, such shame as a fashionista... #secondlifeproblems  ;-)

 I should have done one that says:  "FATPACKS?  They're WILLOW packs darn it.  #oldbiefashionista"

 That's why I grep my logs, to help me remember things.  Thank goodness for grep and pity on the Windows users that don't have it. #linuxandOSXgoodness

And these meme pictures PROVE I'm crazy.


Strawberry Singh said...

OMG laughing so hard at all of these! And we've met? Dammit, SL killed my memory too. I would love to meet you again in that case. :P

PeepSideshow Darkward said...

I'm dying here! I love them all lol

Deoridhe Grimsdottir said...

I LOVE the fatpacks one! Brilliant!