Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Berry's Movie Character Meme

Another week, another cool Berry Meme.

Meme instructions: Dress up your avatar as a character from a movie. 

Which I did.  One of the characters my readers probably expect, Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's in her Iconic Little Black Dress.

That dress being the Maitreya Audrey.  Hair is Elikatira Arabella, Angsa hat from Schadenfreude, Hucci Glynco pumps, Maitreya Jackie-O sunglasses.

But here's a character one might not expect from me, Magenta from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  This is the maid outfit from Provocation Berry showed off some time ago, Hair is Truth Magenta, Frock-Be-Gone raygun from Doctor Obolensky, Hucci Jacmel pumps, Blacklace stockings.

Berry said that someone requested a Mean Girls meme in plurk, and Berry figured this would give us the opportunity, so I did Cady Heron a la the Jingle Bell Rock scene. Sexy Santa dress from Tuty, Hair is Truth Esperanza, boots from GOS.

I did another classic teen movie with Big Red from Bring It On.  This one didn't turn out quite so well.  Cheerleader costume from Meli Imako

Since I'm old, I just had to do two characters from the classic Heathers.  First up is my interpretation of Queen Bee Heather Chandler's Croquet outfit.   "My School Look" from Monso, Hair is Truth Dasha, Tights from Izzie's, Esme flats from Ingenue.  The croquet decorations were already rezzed at my house.

I did two Heather Duke shots, in an outfit inspired by her end-of-movie look. First up a shot inspired by her lounging at the window scene.

And near the lockers.  Diaz jacket with dress by Coldlogic, Tights from Izzies, Shoes from, Hair is Truth Vixen.

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Strawberry Singh said...

Love them! You make the perfect Holly. <3