Thursday, October 09, 2014

Sex and the CC, or why I visit The Chamber

Some may have noticed that my Barely Texan shots were taken at The Chamber.  The Chamber is a famous SL sex club. (Though it seems to have more slumming fashionistas than actual sex most of the time.)  I go there for the fashion, not the sex.  Really.  Sex and The CC are oxymoronic.  I fashion watch there.  Great place to play the "I have to make sure I'm very well dressed in comparison to everybody else in SL" It supplements the blogs.  Have to keep up appearance-wise with the Janes'es

But in regards to SL Sex, a friend and I were talking at my favorite non-Chamber social venue, and she assumed that I had plenty of SL relationships, basically saying "You're the CC, you're awesome/funny/kind, you've probably  had a ton of admirers/partners/girlfriends"

I had to tell her that I didn't and that I'm not that special.  Oh sure there's a few people I'm very close to, but actual SL partnering and relationships?  Just doesn't happen for me.

I can count the number of intimate experiences I've had in SL on the fingers of both hands.  I average once a year, but sex is something I don't have much interest either world.  It's why I'm upfront about the tendency towards being asexual.  I can understand Sexy...but I just don't feel the "need" that others do.  Closeness and bonding, I can understand.

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