Thursday, October 09, 2014

Barely Blogging, again.

Ran into Barely Texan again.  He had a VERY nice "I just got off work and am picking up some cannoli for dinner tonight" look going.  The tie is a bit narrow and 80's preppy, but overall I think the look works.  The texture on the trousers is very good, and I even like the shoes.  The hair is a bit whatsisname... Bradley Cooper-esque, but it's more foofy on top.

I even got him to get me a style card:

Hair - Damselfly - Tommy Fairplay - Rob in Light Browns 
Hairbase - Damselfly - Tommy Fairplay - Hair Base Mens 205 
Eyes - IKON - Ikon Innovia - Eternal Eyes in Heath 
Skin - Nivaro - ReishiProphet - Cunov skin in lighttone 
Beard - Nivaro - BEARDS in 10. Trimmed Beard 
Shirt - Hoorenbeek - Limerdesigner Flux - Mesh Shirt With Skinny Ties in White. 
Pants - Gizza - Giz Seorn - Belted Trousers in Brown 
Socks - Pig - Apatia Hammerer - Argyle Sock M. Suspender in Denise S 
Shoes - Kauna - Ross Myhre - Brogues in Brown

My outfit did NOT match his in dressyness level, sad to say.  This is not a "fiancee/boyfriend is bringing home cannoli" sort of dress.  It's from Wild Serenity, a short sequined cocktail/club dress with a sheer high-low overskirt.  Did you know that High-low hemlines originated in Victorian times?  They were called fishtails then. It comes in several colors.  Will I hadn't heard of the creator before I got it, it turned out to be fairly nice as cocktail dresses go.  Well worth a demo even if it's not exactly a "capsule" sort of dress.

The hair is Truth "Grande 2", the version with only one side worn forward with the bang attachment.

Shoes are Hucci "Jacmel"'s worn with the Slink High feet.


Wild Serenity

Truth Hair


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Harper Beresford said...

You look by far tastier than he does, CC.