Friday, October 10, 2014

SG Bonnie mesh dress, On The Floor at DeMortesville

DeMortesville, is a kink-friendly Modern Dark Fantasy RP community founded by a friend of mine.  She had moved the community from it's previous location, to a new location some regions southeast of one of my favorite social venues that we both frequent.  I decided to take a look around again.  It's a goodly sized community build, taking up most of the region.  The Linden Railroad runs right through the middle of it, and there is a pedestrian walkway and narrow road overpasses over the LRR.

I don't do serious RP, so I'm not seriously involved with any RP communities, but I do like wandering and seeing nice builds like DeMortesville.  DeMortesville always had one of my other favorite sapphic friendly social venue builds in the Drunken Clam.  To tell the truth, I prefer the Clam build to the Duchess build appearance wise, but I think it's more of the atmosphere than anything else.  The Clam is a touch more upscale looking, while the Duchess is more blue collar.  There are other "venue" type builds set up for various RP scenarios, a sort of a rustic sailor dive, a modern style club, a "nice dressy" restaurant, a classic diner, biergarten, and a tea parlour.   I can't forget the church, and bakery either.  I had been tempted to set up residence at the old location, but as I said, I don't really do RP so it's not well suited for me.

While visiting the downstairs of the Clam I noticed changes in the stage/runway part of the build (It's much more plush looking)  and noticed the "video wall" which had screen captures from J' Lo's "on the floor" video, where she wears some sexy gold ensembles.  (The song itself is a cover of the 1989 song Lambada by Kaoma)

And I had this nice gold mesh cocktail dress from SG (Saritha Gabardini) , which I have in 5 colors.   I should get the other colors too, it's only L$70.  You can't beat prices like that.  It may be a template, I don't know for sure, but I don't care, because the texturing is very nice. As far as I know, this creator is Marketplace only.

Dale! (Pronounced "Dah-lay", it means "Bring it on")

The dress has a hemline that is short, but not TOO short, lower thigh.  My favorite length for a dress like this.  As I've mentioned before, I do believe.  Shoes are the Mata Hari sandals from Sax Shepherd.

You'll notice the seaming and the strappy "cap" sleeve.  Making it a sort of cross between an off the shoulder dress and a cap sleeve.  Nicely done.  This is the Truth "Grande" glamour/party hair, the version with both sides draped forward, but it still leaves plenty of foof in back.

Had to take the hair off to get a good picture of the back.  Wear an updo or front-draped hair to show off the back. you can also see the sleeves better.

Here's the front, where you can see it's a bandage style in the shape of it.  Just simply a great dress to have.

And  here it is in black, Hucci "Jacmel's" with the black.  This is Truth London hair.  It's actually more similar to the hair J' Lo has in the video.

As I said, great cocktail dress well worth the L$70.  What are you waiting for, buy!


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