Friday, September 19, 2014

Ran into Barely Texan...put on a Kunglers dress.

Ran into Barely Texan, the male fashionista who had guested on Harper Beresford's blog, and noted DJ, at a social venue.   Just for fun I wore an dress and hair that Harper had blogged and took a picture next to him.  I then realized I had never blogged this dress myself.

Details on the dress and hair in this post by Harper Beresford

This simply pretty and classic dress is the "Ariana" mesh sleeveless sheath from Kunglers.  Note that the hemline is slightly below the knee, some don't prefer that hemline, though it's one of my preferred hemlines along side mid-knee and slightly above the knee. This a great desk-to-dinner dress, perfect for standing beside an AFK hipster-ish male fashionista with oversized glasses,  and having him make me look good.  Which is his job, making whatever lady fashionista he's standing near look good, not the other way around.  That would go against the natural order of all things Fashionista.  Then there would be chaos, we can't have that.

The hair is "Alicia" from Wasabi pills.  I am wearing it with my usual Belleza "Betty" skin, and Celoe's "Zoe" pumps.

Jewelry is the Bijou Othello set from Sax Shepherd, which is one of my go-to sets and I have the Bijou in all the colors.  With this set you have your choice of two earring colors, black or white and it comes with matinee and princess necklaces.  I'm wearing the matinee length in the photo.



Wasabi Pills

Celoe at Mayfair

Belleza Skin

IKON eyes

Sax Shepherd Designs


Harper Beresford said...

You look better in that dress than I did :P

Harper Beresford said...

You look way better in that dress than I did ;)