Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Prepare for Glamour, Like Anna Wintour, inspired by Berry.

It's not a meme, but Strawberry Singh asked in a post where she writes about how she gets inspiration from Vogue and Vogue India:

So what inspires you? Do you get inspired by fashion magazines?

Yes, yes I do.  I generally read Marie Claire, Glamour and Allure, though I let my Allure subscription lapse and I should renew it.  I read Vogue now and again, especially the September issue.  So yes, I do get inspired by fashion magazines, websites, pictures, books, catalogs...you name it.

The CC decides to channel Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, with a short bob, sheath dress, and dark sunglasses.

The dress is the "Caroun", a simple colorblock and lace sleeveless sheath from Doc Eldritch.  The skirt has the flattering and proper slightly-above-the-knee hemline that is my favorite hem length.  DE has several similar sheath sets, this one does has a fitted mesh option.  It's well worth picking up as a nice addition to a capsule wardrobe.

My sunglasses are the old Heiress sunglasses from Paper Couture, I think I have some modern ones, but just grabbed these because they're quick to find.

The short bobbed hair is "Looking" from Elikatira (which is no longer available, of course),tinted to a proper dark red. The shoes are "Diana" from Fri.day.  As is usual for Fri.day shoes, they are worth adding to a capsule wardrobe.  The skin is my usual Belleza.

The jewelry set is the platinum-diamond tennis set from Earthstones which is a touch overpriced by my standards.  But again, it's a tennis set, which isn't common in SL.

The clutch is the HUD controlled Muci clutch from Mutresse with 13 color options, plus options for chain and studs.

I have been known to say the following, with apologies to Team Rocket of the Pokemon series:

Prepare for Glamour
like Anna Wintour

To protect the Grid from devastation
to unite all Fashionistas into one nation
to denounce the evils of Lola's and bling.
to shop incessantly and acquire EVERYTHING.


Team Fashionista goes shopping at the speed of light.
Stay out of our way or prepare to fight

Nyan!  Dat's right!


DE Designs

Fri.day shoes

Paper Couture




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Strawberry Singh said...

It's amazing how much you look just like her, LOL! I was watching the September Issue movie with her in it, you almost exude the same attitude in the pictures as well. Great job!