Monday, September 15, 2014

Cup of Goodness and The New Social Club.

Oldbies in SL will remember the Old Mill Pond social venue, a favorite of those wanting a pleasant place to chat about virtually anything. 

Others will remember the Cup of Goodness, a similar venue that was a favorite of foodies in SL, which sadly went defunct. It, along side the Duchess were among my favorite venues in SL. Then the CoG was gone and there was a lack of such venues.  Sure, the Blarney Stone in Dublin is great and busy, but it's DJ centric and very quiet when there isn't a DJ around.  There's a few similar venues in the steamlands, but not everyone likes the steamlands.  And of course, the Duchess is sapphic, and not everyone wants sapphic.

But...the Cup of Goodness has returned, still owned and operated by Elisabeth Beurling.  As described in the group:

The Social Club @ Cup of Goodness Coffee Shop
A place to gather, chat, laugh, dance and see our best friends.

While the venue itself is different some of the decorations are from the original version of the CoG, recognized them right off even if Lis hadn't mentioned them.

And I got a shot of Lis herself, on the nearby beach boardwalk, wearing Truth "Isle" hair and Maitreya's "Poise" dress.

And as is usual for my CoG visits, I am now thinking about muffins.  Foodies!  They'll get me every time.   Luckily I have muffins.

Strangely, this new CoG reminds me of the "old" "Ookami Ningen" version of the Duchess, which is a good thing.  I still have a soft spot for that version.

Anyway, if you want a place to just chat, hang out, make friends, and perhaps exchange recipes.  (Foodies loved the CoG), then head on over.  Tell 'em CC sent you.


The Cup of Goodness at Crazys cove

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