Friday, September 12, 2014

PS4 Minecraft

Yes, I've been playing Minecraft on the PS4.  Main difference between it and the PS3 version is the draw distance, world size, and the PS4's ability to take screenshots and video.

That creeper sure did surprise me.  Screenshots after the break.

Here's the main menu.

The interior of my house, early on.  It was still cobble then.

My first gold.

Upgraded the house to stone brick and added the usual sign.  Hail Callevia!

 The early wheat farm.


I use the default textures, so no Ducken.  Yes, the PS4 version has Ducken in one of the texture packs, just like the PS3 version.

There was a little island very close to my base with a pig on it.  I had/have no carrots so I extended dirt over and confined him with fence for later use.

Extreme hills to the south.

Looking Southwest from a small flat hill near my base.  The hill is gone now.

Found some lava to the East of my base, turned it to Obsidian for later use.  Didn't have diamonds at the time. Yeah I could have dragged it out bit by bit and made a portal via a mold.

Skelly in the rain, a skelly in the rain. What a glorious feeling to slice you again.

Looking West at a sunset.

Aww, baby chick.

My first redstone on the PS4.

Down in the branch mine at Y=13

Looking west, the moon is setting.  You can see I now have a curtain wall up.  Take that you exploding @#$@$#.

Sunrise looking East, and there's my portal.  I haven't gone through it yet.

Did some exploring, wanted to find a melon or pumpkins.  Found a desert temple.  Only had gold and a few bones. But since I was in desert I picked up some cactus for some green dye.

I then used the green dye (along with black and red) to put up the 4 wool block Cubedon flag, as is tradition. Hail Cubedon, Hail Callevia!  I bought PC Minecraft in the first place because I wanted to see what the fuss was about and to play in the Caledon Minecraft world (Cubedon)

I prefer the console version, less tedious with the crafting.  The PC version might have more features and unlimited worlds, but the PS3/PS4 version is a better "game".

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