Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Fashion for Life 2014, June 7th-20th

I'm known for being a crankypants about many things, but there is one thing I'm crankypants about that totally deserves it.... Cancer.

I really have it in for cancer.  My father was a prostate cancer survivor, two of my aunts were killed by it, another aunt was found to have had it during an autopsy, an uncle died from it, a cousin is a survivor, a long time family friend that was an "honorary aunt" died from it, coworkers have had it, long-time acquaintances have had it....lets just say I'm not overly fond of it.  In RL, I've been an RFL supporter for years, my mother got us started on that.  She'd zip around that relay track in her wheelchair. 

I entered SL on July 19th 2006....an RFL day but I didn't know the RFL was in SL it till after it was over.  Once I found the RFL was here, I basically had a squee moment and did my best to support RFL efforts. I'm currently a member of Team Caledon, I'm not a builder or organizer, I just give moral support and try to help where I can because.. in SL..and in Caledon ...well there are people I am very very fond of, who are survivors and some we have lost to it.

Readers also know there is one thing I'm not crankypants about most of the time and that is Shopping in General, so imagine an event where I could combine two of my favorite things: Fighting Cancer and Shopping...well that would be an event made of Total Awesome.


Isn't it wonderful that such even exists in the Fashion For Life event?  Every year, fashion designers make stuff, put it in some RFL vendors in Fashion for Life regions (10 this year) and sell it to shoppers.   Shoppers get neat, and often RFL themed items, and their L$ gets donated to the cause in Very Large Amounts. Win Win for Everyone.

And every year they get some bloggers to do press for them.  They treat the bloggers like press too, it's easily one of the more blogger friendly events in SL.  For some reason, they let me in this year....oh wait, this was the first year I actually applied to do it.  (Never got around to it in previous years, mea culpa)

You might be thinking, "CC, you're not fond of location based events".  That's true, but this is a once a year thing for a cause, and it's one of the more pleasant "big" events in SL, rivaling Hair Fair in just simple shop-ability and fun.  I always have fun at FFL, last year a bunch of us Caledonians ran into each other there...we didn't know we were all there and we spent a pleasant time shopping and talking.

Fashion for Life, or FFL for short, runs from June 7th to June 20th. That means it starts this weekend.  You will go there, you will shop, and by doing so help fight cancer.  

But when it comes down to it, I'm not blogging about RFL in SL or FFL for the shopping, I'm doing it for all my SL friends who are survivors or whom we have lost to cancer, I Relay  in SL for You.

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Cajsa Lilliehook said...

Even more exciting, this year every single item the designers sell will donate a portion to Relay For Life - so you will not have to decide between one you really want to get with no donation and the ones with donations.