Friday, May 30, 2014

Lindens Helping Newbies? Yes!

There was a report of  Linden Sighting In-world...Lindens helping new people!  I just had to check it out.  I try to get pictures of Lindens whenever I hear of them doing things in-world...yes I'm one of THOSE people, a groupie.

Yep there they were. Kiera and Steeltoe, whom I had not seen before, answering questions, giving advice (alongside other volunteers)

I was told that they were sent out there as "First step" to see what they could do to make things better.  Yeah, Really!

Steeltoe there had a sort of Tron thing going on and Kiera was a sort of Lady Snowblood.

I was a naughty Caledonian and dropped some Caledon-centric newbie information on one new person, alongside LM's to NCI and the Shelter.

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