Sunday, June 08, 2014

Even.flow Adrift boho dress at Fashion for Life

Fashion for Life officially opened yesterday, I popped in for a bit today.  But I'd recommend holding off on visiting for when the event is less busy (try late nights and early mornings than prime-time US), that will help reduce lag times.  But please do go, and support the Relay for Life.

I'm not usually very boho, but the moment I put this Adrift dress from even.flow on, I said, "This is the sort of boho dress even I can love." I'm going to tell Salome about it too, she adores boho, if she doesn't have it already.   Now I'm not sure, it may be a template, but this dress is very well done.  Fatpack comes with 4 dress color combinations with belt color options.  Yes, you can have it all black if you want it.

It's nicely rigged and textured, the Medium fits me perfectly, moves fairly well too so it "looks" like a boho dress should when you're walking.  This dress fits my definition of a "capsule wardrobe staple".  Pair it with flat sandals, for a pretty summer look.  (There's some nicely done flat sandals at FFL that I will be showing off shortly)


Fashion for Life

even.flow booth at Fashion for Life

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