Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Moolala at Fashion for Life

Fashion for Life started up what I think of as the press-centric pre-event today.  The regions are open for the Blogger-press, and the designers continue to feverishly work on the regions, their vendors and adding more goodies.  It cannot be said enough, that this year EVERY sale contributes to the Relay because EVERY vendor is an RFL vendor.  So you don't have to make a choice between buying a cute dress from an RFL vendor and one that wasn't like one might in years past, it's ALL good this year.

One of the first blogger pack's I received was from a designer named

"мαηđу мσσ" (amandasue.hallison) with a

store named Moolala that I hadn't heard of before.  Being a former cow-dancer, the store name made me giggle (the mascot is a cow) so I took a look inside and found this Milla Scrunch dress.  At first I thought it wasn't "me" but I changed my hair and decided it was a cute little dress well worth showing off since this sort of thing can be a versatile little beachy party dress.  The fit is good, the texturing is good, and it is well worth demo-ing once FFL is open.

No, I will not be talking about the obviously gacha'd Truth Sakura hair and Ingenue Jolie shoes in this post, that is another long story.

There were other things, but I really want to show off this Rylee jumpsuit ...that strikes me as 70's barbecue party wear.  At first I wasn't fond of the ruffle rigging, they're static, but then I decided, that it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would.  That's because it's just a "happy" outfit.  Comes in black too, but I like this version because it's just so happy. The mesh fits well, like the Milla above.


Fashion for Life event

Moolala at FFL

Moolala store

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