Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Purple Moon Time Traveller at Fashion for Life.

If you're a lady of the Steamlands, when Fashion for Life opens on June 7th you need to run right on over to the Purple Moon stand and buy this Time Traveller ensemble.  Of course every other Steamlands lady will be buying it too, but that's okay, you want it anyway. It's going to be a lemming run for sure.

It's actually not a dress but a skirt, jacket/top, shoes (which I'm not wearing, issues with the alpha) and the hat.  The jacket has a bit of ruffle at it's bottom, from what I can see it's supposed to show a touch of skin as you move.  So far I've only seen it in this brown but I do believe other colors will be available.

Except for the shoe alpha issues (which is why I'm wearing the new mesh Tesla Ziggy's which are so perfect for it), it's well done mesh, and I'm loving the texturing and shading.   If it comes in black, I will be picking that up on my own for sure.


Fashion for Life

PurpleMoon at Fashion for Life

PurpleMoon Creations Main Store

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