Friday, July 17, 2009

A familiar looking guy.

Amazon hosted a virtual job fair a few days ago in SL, and I was there. Not because I'm qualified for any of the jobs, but for another reason. This guy looks familiar, doesn't he:

His name is just on the tip of my tongue....

Got him! Yes, that's Philip Linden, founder of Linden Labs, creator of the vision that is SL. It was mentioned in the ISC group chat that he was at the Amazon job fair and I wasn't going to miss an opportunity to see his avatar and get a picture even if he has no reason whatsoever to say a word to me. After all, I'm not FIC . Mwah ha ha ha ha.

By the way, I don't entirely agree with Prokofy Neva's concept of FIC (Feted Inner Core), I consider it a bit limited, especially these days. I Prefer Gwyneth Llewelyn's concept of the 100000. But Mr. Neva did post the newest version of his FIC list on his blog

Personally I think Mr. Neva underestimates the influence of the SL press, IMHO Hamlet Au is probably one of the most powerful and influential Avatars in SL. He may not be a land baron, he may not be a famous scripter or builder, but a heck of a lot of powerful and influential avatars in SL do.

I also don't care very much how Mr. Neva uses the perjorative term "mangina" but that's a personal thing. I also pronounce FIC like "Bic", or "pick" because "Inner" has a short "I" sound not the long "I" sound of Bike.

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