Tuesday, July 21, 2009

CC and Zen, dancing on the beach.

Zen, or more formally, Sir Zenmondo Wormser of Caledon have been friends for quite some time. It might have been late 2006 but more likely sometime in 2007. I am fond of him, we are of similar mindsets about things, and both "nerds" of a sort, though he is much more skilled in what he calls Code Poetry than I am. And yes, writing computer code, even LSL is an art, so Code Poetry is an apt name. Zen is one of the few gentleman (or ladies) who I'd ask to escort me to a formal ball in Caledon if I needed such an escort if he was available. There are a few others, but most of them are either taken (Hi Alistair Whybrow), or would most likely be escorting a peer (Hi JJ Drinkwater) or busy. I won't even go into how most of the eligible bachelorettes in Caledon don't stay eligible for very long.

Anyway, I like Zen, and for some reason, he likes me. I warned him I'm a not entirely tame or sane fashionista, but that doesn't seem to bother him. I have promised him a dance or two in the past if my memory serves me well, but I think I reneged, but I did manage to get one in after the RFL ended. I was dead tired, but I promised him and this time I wasn't going to default.

Here's a picture with my default SL settings including the CalWL windlight lighting setting:

Here, I have turned on some features and whatnot:

And here it is up to max, windlight clouds, pretty water, and everything:

Looks amazing, but took my framerate way down. That setting would only really be useful for static shots.

A very enjoyable dance, and then he took me underwater to show me his artificial life based fish. They are quite an amazing feat. While I know of AL projects over an entire sim I don't know of any small enough to keep in ones manor or somesuch.

Caledonians might see Zen and I together at events, since he is good company, and it would be nice to have a regular dancing partner whose company I enjoy. He's invited me to visit a Disney inspired sim, that he's aware of, that I hadn't heard about.

Don't look at me like that. Heaven knows what's come over me, but the real truth is, I am fond of Zen. I had a habit of calling him Sir Zen, even before he was knighted.

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