Tuesday, July 21, 2009

RL influences on my Avatar

There has been a bit of a meme for SL bloggers to discuss their RL influences on their avatar. My turn now.

My biggest influence is probably the iconic Audrey Hepburn especially in her incarnation as Holly Golightly in the famed "Breakfast at Tiffany's", which should come as no surprise to my readers:

And perhaps just a touch of redhead Ann Margret from her ingenue days:

And also a bit of red headed Rita Hayworth, especially when I'm doing a Hollywood style gown.

And modern burlesque pin-up, Miss Dita Von Teese. That might surprise some, but you haven't seen all my SL lingerie. :-) The lady also really knows how to work her makeup. That dress even looks like it could be from ICING in SL.

Not long after visiting Caledon, and hanging around there I realized I had subconsciously made my avatar look like Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic. Look, another redhead!

I was once described by SL fashionista Celebrity Trollop as the Bree Hodge (of Desperate Housewives as portrayed by Marcia Cross) of SL. Little did she know as she said it that Bree is easily my favourite character on that show, in part because of her look. Very very prim, very very tasteful, very very classic and elegant, but still very very sexy, and very much a redhead.

Although her appearances on Project Runway took place after I had joined SL, there's quite a bit of the third season's Laura Bennett in my avatar. Which goes to reason since Laura is still my favourite Project Runway designer, and is the one whos designs I just loved loved loved. Very very classic, elegant and sophisticated and redheaded.

Laura has a comic book style column on iVillage called Case Clothed, where she has been avatarized by fellow Project Runway alumni and Barbie clothing designer, Robert Best. Avatar Laura and avatar CC could be sisters!

Since I've added some poundage to my shape, it seems there's a bit of plus-size model Kate Dillon too, but that's to be expected since she was one of my fashion role models during the days when the late lamented plus-size fashion magazine MODE was still around.


Raiblaylock said...

I can majorly identify to those real life inspirations. I have been keeping them in mind from time to time when I am working on outfits. Especially Audrey Hepburn.

Moe said...

Mode was one of my favorite magazines and Kate is still one of my favorite models. I'm so glad she's still modeling for Marina Rinaldi. While her curves tend to go up and down (like the rest of us) she's still gorgeous.