Friday, July 17, 2009

Second Life Relay for Life 2009 starts tomorrow.

The SL RFL (anti-cancer charity event) is one of the first big events I heard about in SL, though I only heard about the 2006 one after it was over since it took place the weekend after I first rezzed in. Back then I didn't know much about the blogs and whatnot so I didn't hear about it.

But each one since I've participated in, though not formally as a team member of Team Caledon till this year.

Why do I take part? Because my Dad, is a cancer survivor (and me and my sister were caregivers for a bit when he came back home from his surgery and we still take him to appointments and whatnot because he stopped driving himself), and cancer took two of my late Mother's sisters. We as a family also take part in the local RL RFL, and have done so for years. It's something I feel good about participating in, in both RL and SL.

The event begins tomorrow at 12pm SLT, with the Survivor and Caregiver lap starting at 1pm SLT. More info at the SL RFL website

Here is the SlURL to the event

And finally a couple of pictures of my luminarias:

I'll be at the relay probably from about 11am till 3:30pm or so SLT on Saturday. Then perhaps. about 7 till noon on Sunday.

Even if you decide not to attend, please consider dropping a few L$ into one of the many donation kiosks set up around the grid. Every little bit adds up.

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