Saturday, July 18, 2009

ICING Puma Jie.

I've been wearing ICING's Puma Jie a lot lately, in the fat pack version. The original version came with the red blouse, but later Miko Omegamu released a pack of blouses to mix with the original outfit.

I know it's an older outfit, but I still love the retro classicness of a nice blouse and high waisted pencil skirt. I could probably buy something similar in RL pretty easily. I know I've seen puff sleeved blouses around lately.

I'm wearing the white blouse in these pictures but I like all of them, Peacock, Purple, and Pink too.

And here's a closeup that shows the prim sleeve and the necklace part of the ICING Princess pearls set. I really really love these puffy sleeves, and other people have admired them too. The Princess Pearls set includes, a necklace, earrings and the bracelet. It's also available in black pearls too.

Fleur Allure Kitten skin, ETD Roslin hair, glasses from First Impressions, Shiny Things Classic Stacks pumps.


ICING on XstreetSL

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