Thursday, November 29, 2007

Welcome Fashion Planet readers

I finally got around requesting being added to the Fashion Planet feed and I see that my posts are showing up there. So, welcome and thanks for reading to all the new readers And thank you Tao Takashi for adding me and creating and hosting such a useful tool.


Anonymous said...

w00t! Now I know why I'm getting a gazillion Fashion Planet pass-through visitors to my blog today. Enjoy the traffic; but promise me you'll use it for good, never evil!

caLLie cLine said...

yay CCC, i'm so proud of you, youre a great blogger, thinker, and fashionista!!!

much love,


Rachel Boram said...

i also have thought of adding my blog to fashion planet but where is the link or email where i could make this request?

I sure would appreciate any advise!

CronoCloud said...

Rachel, the Tao's email address is at the very bottom of the page, I had trouble finding it too. It's