Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Pirate in Penzance

After seeing that Pirates of the Caledonian video I just had to find myself a great pirate costume. Which I did at my costume go-to store, Reasonable Desires. And when the Caledon Penzance sim was built, I had to sneak in before the official opening and take a picture of myself as a Pirate in Penzance. Yar!

IMHO, this is the best sexy pirate costume in SL. It has a thigh dagger, it has a belt, it has an eyepatch, it has skulls and crossbones, it has a BIG HAT, and it's reasonably priced, like all of Reasonable Desires stuffage is. And of course, I look good in it, which is all that matters me hearties! Yar! Raise the mizzen sail, load the cannons and prepare for Piratical shenanigans! TaP skin and ETD Maaliyah usual.

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