Thursday, November 29, 2007

A picture I wasn't originally planning on posting.

In this blog post by Kit Meredith. She mentions finding her perfect haircolour, and I noticed that she resembled my Boss Sabrina a bit in the last picture. She then replied that she was inspired by me to a certain extent and that she might be essentially be a "grandchild red-headed shameless hussy". I then remembered this picture, that I wasn't planning on ever posting:

I had been playing with the new TaP vivants in at their launch in August, and I had just purchased some HCT hair to see what it looked like on me, and I was playing with my thin lips version of my shape to see how the TaP lips looked on it, and THAT happened. The blue eyes didn't help either. It not only resembles the last picture in Kit Meredith's post, but also resembles the pictures in this post by Boss Sabrina on Linden Lifestyles. Now admittedly Sabrina is wearing TaP Deux and not Gala in that post, but the resemblance is there.

Now normally I don't wear HCT (or Gala) for that reason, and though I have a thin lips version of my shape (which certain skins look better on) I wear the fuller lipped version and I wear green eyes and not blue. But yeah, she's obvioulsy my biggest style inspiration along with Salome, and frankly who wouldn't want to BE Sabrina or Salome and be one of the best dressed and tressed av's on the grid, not to mention one of the best fashion writers around. I'd love to have half her or Salome's wit, style and panache. Helping out at Linden Lifestyles is probably my dream gig in SL.

Kit Meredith is no slouch on smarts either and is one of my new favourite bloggers. Besides, the more smart red-headed shameless hussy's on the grid, the better.

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Anonymous said...

Heya CC,

I'm glad you decided to post that picture, you look great! The glasses are a nice touch. I went through a phase early in my SL where I absolutely had to have a cute pair of glasses, which I found to be a very odd affectation considering I don't wear them IRL. Then I discovered prim lashes, which always wanted to compete for attachment points with the glasses, so I gave them up. Oh well.

Thanks for making me an honorary member of the RHSH club! Though I am still working on the shameless part, and the hussy part is prolly a long ways off, at least I have the redheaded part down now.

Oh, and thanks again for the link! See ya!