Sunday, November 11, 2007


We know the reason now, and the reasons behind the vagueness, the typist behind the Ginny Talamasca avatar has died.

Post on Last Call blog

Starley post

From reading Starley's post, it seems that the decision to close was a quick "we want to help our friend, what can we do, let's all close down to keep any business stuff off of Ginny's partner's plate at this time" And it's not like anyone can really pre-plan for this kind of sudden tragedy. I was hoping that my guess about the reasons for the closing was accurate (that the Four had merely taken a trip to visit willow), because I didn't want this sort of thing to be true. And I didn't trust to rumor.

I didn't know Ginny well, we maybe chatted a couple of times. I own some Dazzle/Last Call stuff. the Marisa wrap dress is STILL one of my favorite SL dresses. I was surprised and awed to find out that Ginny didn't use one of those drawing pads, but used her finger on the laptop trackpad. If I remember correctly, Ginny designed jewellery in RL, I wish I could have seen some of it.

My condolences to Ginny's friends and family. There's not much I can do, except apologize to a certain extent for the previous post. But I can wear my Ginny stuff in her memory.

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Anonymous said...

I was so disappointed by your earlier post here and on several other blogs. Maybe now you and others will think before you speculate about private matters. SL is NOT RL and you have no right to know why someone makes the choices they do.