Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ageplay, Fashionista Style

After reading varioups posts and articles about ageplay in SL on various blogs and whatnot I decided I needed to admit something:

I'm an ageplayer.....but perhaps not in the way one might normally think.I'm 40 in RL, how old does my avatar look?

Tete a Pied Vivant Red lips 1 skin, ETD Carolyn hair in Mahogany, Eyes by Miriel Enfield, dressy Nuclear Boutique

That image is one of the best ones I've ever taken of my av I think. It's just simply beautiful. Even if with that classic understated elegance makeup my av does not look 40. She's 25 at best.

Or what about this "teen queen sexy schoolgirl" look a la Britney:

Tete a Pied Vivant Sultry 3, Armidi Bombshell hair in Sangria, Sister Penitence School Uniform from Luminosity, Go Hellions!

See what I mean? Even if an av is not a child there's still a lot of ageplaying going on without many folks consciously realizing it. Sure I dress my avatar in mostly classic tailored clothing, retro-wear and casual basics, but she still doesn't look as old as me. And I'm not for certain I want her to look 40 anyway, because she lets me be pretty (and sometimes sexy) in a way I can't in RL,though having the option to look older would be nice.

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