Thursday, November 29, 2007

Talia Talamasca's "Schwarzes Kleid und Minuette Avatar"

Taliah Talamasca dropped this deliciously "dead" skin, shape (the Minuette avatar)and clothing ensemble (Schwarzes Kleid), at around Halloween. She knew I like black. Which is true, I like black, I REALLY like black, and now, I also like being "death"ly beautiful:

It's just so corpsey and gothy and fluttery and feathery and BLACK! It comes with those pretty little victorian style shoes and that lovely hair. The skin itself is quite pretty, or at least I think so, and looked great not only on the included shape but on my own usual one. When I put this one I simply had the desire to find some poor desolate sim and sing laments to lost loves. That, and then find Furiae Blackthorne of the Fashion Victim blog and go kill things with her, just for fun.

Available along with lots of other victorian pretties at her store, Wardrobe Trunk.

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