Friday, May 04, 2012

Summer Beauty Drag Pageant

Here's details on the Summer Beauty Drag Pageant  envisioned by Aemeth Lysette.

That's an interesting idea actually. In my very early days I tried to make the male shape I started with as pretty as I could...but just decided to click the gender button. The trick is that they have to use a male shape are are encouraged to use a male skin, though most MTF crossdressers/drag folks and transitioners tend to use full coverage least until they've done permanent beard removal.

Though personally those femboys with their waif-like bishonen meets kawaii shapes are going to have an edge. Put a female skin on them and bingo, pretty!  I took one of my acquaintanceto my favorite skin crack dealer, and ETD...I mean Elikatira some months ago. Made her...I mean him, look even more adorable and squee-worthy.

I don't plan on participating, for one I think I deleted my male shape. and I'd probably be too quick to cheat a little even if it was just subconsciously, since I know which male faces and bodies are "easier" to transform.  "how about I make him slender, and short, and give  him some nice andrej pejic cheekbones, and make  his eyes slightly larger, and give him a slender nose and lets plump up those lips a touch so that when I put a minimal makeup skin and MOCK makeup on him, he'll look faboo"

Though this quote in a post by my Nemesis Hamlet Au over at NWN (okay he's not REALLY my nemesis), over at NWN, made me go WTF!:

Your actual real life gender is irrelevant, though I have a feeling that all else being equal, female SLers will probably have an edge, even over all the many men who like to roleplay as hot avatar girls.

I absolutely disagree.  Who knows more about making a male shape and face look "feminine", female SLers...or male bodied people who actually crossdress/do drag or are transitioning?  Personally, I know quite a few skills related to that, and yes, they're applicable to SL.

This is not the first time that Hamlet's ignored the existence of MTF transfolk in SL.  Have you noticed that Hamlet seems to mention/promote the blogs of female avatars that are open about their RL female identities?  I think this Hamlet quote from a post about the Boudoir design house sisters says it all

 Which is yet another example to counter the cliche that glamorous female avatars in Second Life are really fat naked guys in a basement -- sometimes, they're actually glamorous European women in a high-end fashion salon.
Yeah, lets hide the fact that some female avatars are played by non-transgendered men...and some even played by MTF transfolk like me, under a rug, shall we.

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