Friday, May 11, 2012

CC McGrumpyPants: Hamlet Total Fail.

Hamlet is complaining about his technical issues again.

I will say it again, he's wrong to blame LL  The blame should rest on himself, and his inability to recognize that default laptop video drivers often need replacing. 
 LL themselves say that on Windows Vista and 7 you should use the absolute latest drivers.  I've troubleshooted serveral friends SL issues, and I have found that several times, their graphics driver was NOT up to date and sending them to Nvidia/ATI to download the latest driver fixed the problem.

 But let me address those bullet points:

  • Buy a better laptop to run SL.  
No, SL is hard on laptops and since most laptops don't have user upgradable graphics cards, you're out of luck if you want to  upgrade.

  •  Get a better graphics card to run SL.
Well that 335M should run SL fairly well for what he does. Though turning on Shadows will probably drop his framerate in half.

  • Stop using a Dell/Alienware to run SL.
Yes, while Alienware was once a boutique brand the hard-core gamer geeks tend to prefer other brands now.

  • Stop using Windows 7 and install Linux OS to run SL.
Yes, he could, I do.  I have minimal issues, I often make jokes about how stable SL is for me compared to others, but SL should run pretty well oh his laptop once he gets his issues fixed.

  • Use another third party viewer (made by non-Linden staff) to run SL.
Nope, I always recommend LL viewers, either mainline or Snowstorm if you want to contribute to testing and catching problems before they reach main release

  • Stop expecting SL to work like a mainstream product and just learn to run SL.
Yes, SL is not a mainstream product.  Gamer companies PAY nvidia to add profiels for the games to Nvidia's control panel/settings thingy.  They give or supply at reduced cost sofware and games to include WITH video cards.  LL does not do those things.

  • Here is a long and detailed technical explanation on how to fix your problem that would be nearly impossible for an average consumer to follow, but you should do so anyway to run SL.

It's no fault but your own, Hamlet, if people tell you how to fix your issues but you refuse to do so and keep on complaining.  I know that if I'm experiencing graphics problems in windows, the first thing I should check is to see if Nvidia released a new driver package version.  Also if I had a hybrid card setup as in some laptops I would check to make certain the crappy Integrated half is disabled and ensure that it ONLY uses the good half with it's own RAM.  Installing a new graphics driver is easy, it's not hardcore nerd work, and everyone should know where to go to get updated video drivers for their computer.  It's kind of like knowing how to check the air in the tires of a car and put air in if needed.

Hamlet, I offer again to fix your problems via remote assistance as I said in a previous post.  I'll even sweeten the offer.  If I can't fix your SL issues in an hour or less, I will pay you L$1000.  I make this offer out of nerd pride and the desire to get you in-world more.  You may not like the fact that I called you on your indirect financial relationhsip with Facebook in regards to your excessive shilling of a Facebook/SL connection, I am truly offering to help

ADDENDUM:  Just had an idea.  Hamlet, since you went all gaga over Philip Rosedales Coffee & Power startup, maybe you could offer up a job there to fix your SL issues remotely....when they're back up running. silly startups, keep your original stuff running until the new stuff is 100% ready, then do the transition.

And Hamlet...neither you or I, are Tom Wolfe.

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