Sunday, May 06, 2012

My entry in the Summer Beauty Drag Pageant.

Just a quick post on my entry into the Summer Beauty Drag Pageant I mentioned last post:

On all:

Shape: Male, I modded my own shape
Skin: Nomine Andro Latte clean
Makeup layers by MOCK
Tiara and Jewellery by Native Visions, Wee-Ah & Rhia,

On Left:
Truth Jean Hair in Blood, Miriel
Enfield Eyes in Strong Green,
Lady D suit by Elisea Carter,
Carmen pantyhose by Insolence,
Madison Mesh boots from DECO
MOCK Makeup layers used: Super Neutralogy eye, and and L`Eau lip gloss in Russian Red

On Center and Right:
Truth Tanya Hair in Blood
"Nine" Gown by Purple Moon,
Mock Makeup layers used: Licorice Whips makeover and L`Eau lip gloss in Russian Red

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