Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A Challenge for Hamlet Au

My Nerd pride is acting up today. Ol Hamlet Au, whom I openly think is clueless in regards to SL, has been complaining about problems with SL clients for a long time on his 18 month old high end...snicker...laptop.

A recent post has the gist of his complaints First off, in hardcore gamerland, which I am not a part of, high end becomes dumpster crap very very quickly. I looked up his specs of his Alienware m11x. It is NOT a high end machine...not even for 2010.

 It's got a Dual core CPU running at 1.3 GHz....the slowest I've ever run SL is on a 2.2 GHz Single core, and a 2.0 GHz dual core machne. It uses Hybrid graphics, it uses integrated for basic stuff and a GT335M for things like SL...THAT is what is probably causing the issues.

For one if Hamlet's lifestyle is as mobile as he says it is, he's probably running that thing unconnected from power which might switch to integrated...which will suck.

And secondly, that GT335 is only slightly better and in a couple of ways...worse than my GT220. them GT 335M GT 220

While it does have more cores than my GT220, it's slower and it's OpenGL support (which SL uses) isn't as good: 2.1 intead of the 3.1 my GT220 supports.

 I want to fix Hamlet's issue, because one of the reasons I think Hamlet is clueless about SL these days is that he doesn't spend enough time in world. And the reason he doesn't is his tech issues, which I'd lay odds I could fix in an hour or less. Which would basically be, uninstalling imprudence...removing his settings.xml file from the standard viewer path, installing V3, installing the newest nvidia drivers...turning off Aero...and totally disabling the low end intel-integrated part of his hybrid graphics.

So here's the challenge to Hamlet: Let me Remote in to your box....if I can fix the issue in an hour or less....I get a reward. What sort of reward? Well, more dresses would be nice.....but I'd settle for an Op-Ed gig on NWN or even being unbanned from comments.

 Now you're all thinking: "But CC Hamlet knows you think he's clueless and would never let you remote into his laptop."..that's true, but I have nerd pride and would never take out my disagreement on Hamlet's writing...on his SL experience. I want his experience to be better so he spends more time in-world and becomes LESS clueless.

I also sent an e-mail to Hamlet a few weeks ago with a few similar suggestions.

 By the way, Organic Silk Dress from League, Analog Dog "Gala" hair, G Field shoes.


Trinity Dejavu said...

Yay for being banned from commenting on hammy's blog, it's a special and elite club.

Glorf Bulmer said...

Install V3? Don't you know that V1.23 had the One True And Holy Interface, ordained by God, that must never be changed except to bolt on a few bells and whistles? You heretic you!

(I'm sure my laptop is just as crap as his... the difference is, I don't let it worry me!)