Thursday, October 06, 2011

#define Fashionista

To me, I define it thusly (I'm going to use female pronouns but there are male avatar fashionistas in SL):

A fashionista doesn't need to spend a lot of money...she doesn't even have to have the latest and greatest...but what she does have...she pulls together. She gets the little details right and everything just "works". She has her style defined...but can play around with it. She has stuff for practically any occasion, from casual to ball gowns. In other words, she always looks "nice", like she made an effort. She may even be a fashionista in RL, with an interest in makeup and fashion, or she just may read a LOT of magazines....but she knows her stuff.

But there's one other thing I want to say, In my view the term should be INclusive, not EXclusive.

How do YOU define fashionista?

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