Friday, April 08, 2011

Sax Shepherd Bunny Ears

I logged in today to see an IM from someone who was told to do so by former boss Salome Strangelove of the Late Lamented Linden Lifestyles, currently of Salome Says. Sure surprised me, thank you Salome, your piggie bunned greatness.

So this is a new creator...that made Bunny Ears...color changeable animated scripted bunny ears. Considering I was thinking about looking for some nice bunneh ears just 3 days ago, it was rather fortuitous.

You can change color, animation interval, set them to fixed position, set who can touch them, resize them, all useful things. Slightly less than 250L$ too. Now this is a new creator and this is their first item, but it's very nicely done. and worth picking up for easter fun, or if you want to do the playboy bunny look like I did. They're easily the best playboy bunny style ears in my inventory.

SLURL to Sax Shepherd in Seven Veils

Simone vintage bunny outfit, Truth Gabby hair, 5th and Oxford skin

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