Thursday, October 06, 2011

1-800-Betties, Shimmer Sequins

I think I first mentioned "Betties" back in 2006. they're still around and recently had a VERY large sale...everything in the store was 10L$. So you know what I did..... One of the dresses I found was the one called Shimmer Sequins which is a very nice strapless dress with included choker and earrings. I saw a friend, Kelsi Ember, wearing it at one of my favorite hangouts and put on a contrasting color of it and we danced together...and I took pictures with her permission.

I'm in the Red, Kelsi is in the green. It's a lovely dress ans swirls quite prettily. it comes in several other colors as well. Kelsi is a curvy what some might call "plus size" avatar and it flatters her VERY well. The gloves are included and it really is very pretty and shimmery and lacey...Just a simply pretty cocktail dress.

Shimmer Sequins Cocktail dress from 1-800-Bettie's

Hair on Both of us is from Truth, Seraphina on Kelsi and Amelie on me.

The skin on myself is a 5th & Oxford

Kelsi's skin is a lovely Alyson from Belleza

My shoes are "Eve's" from G Field

Kelsi's shoes are the Tribute pumps from N-Core.

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