Thursday, July 21, 2016

Neverwinter PS4

I'm trying Neverwinter on the PS4 out, since it is free to play.  My first impressions are that it is not quite as pretty or as complex as The Elder Scrolls Online, but more player friendly.  Here is my first character, a Paladin.:

I'm actually Lvl 12 now. And yes, I'm a green-eyed redhead.  Why do you ask?

 Here's a pretty shot of a glowing tree

And you'll never guess who is standing near the Glowing Tree....MINSC!  I've never even played the Bioware Baldur's Gate games and even I know who he is.  I had a fangirl moment and looked for Boo, his hamster, but it looks like he doesn't have it.  What kind of travesty is that?

Go for the eyes Boo!

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