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The Dateless Elf, with a curtsey to The Blogging Elf.

Tis' spring, when the thoughts of Fashionista moi sometimes turn to things Elven-y or sylvan-y, and Blogging Elf-y, but for me it still includes the color black.  I was thinking of doing an elf-y post, but wanted to do it in the style of the following question:

"What if the pretty redhead in the office next door was an elf?"

"There's this redheaded Elf woman, at work, she's very pretty, and she's Sapphic. You'd like her."

"Oh? What does she do?"

"She's the eye-candy receptionist, but Elves don't really have to work, they're all rich due to their long-term investments.  They're the epitome of The Beautiful Elite. She works for fun."

"She's probably stuck up and snooty and is probably already partnered with some unearthly beautiful glowy Elf supermodel, or something."

"Naah, she's sweet and non-snooty.   She complains about not having had a date since the McKinley administration back in 1898."

"What?  She's over a century old?  Why hasn't she had a date?"

"She says other elves think she's too obsessed with human fashion and likes shoes way too much.  She says she's much too quirky and not 'ethereal' enough.  Also she's not Elven aristocracy, most of those flit around in diaphanous gowns in their Treehouse Eld-mansions in gated communities."

"She sounds like she's out of my league."

"You should give her a call, I have her number."

"How did you get her number?"

"She gave it to me when she helped me with a move."

"Okay, Ill call."

She'd just got home from work, when she got the call.  Her date had got her number from that nice fellow from work she'd helped with a move to a new apartment.  A Date... after 100 years.  And the call was from one of those interesting human women, who were quite unlike those prissy jerks back home in the Eldemar Gardens Community.  Huzzah, as those lovable steampunkers would say.

 Now...what was she going to wear.  Her date had mentioned wanting to see her wings.  She didn't have the heart to tell her that elves didn't actually have wings, that some elves magicked them up and wore them as a fashion accessory.  It's not that she blamed her date, most humans didn't actually know that much about the differences between Elves and Fae.

She decided on a simple black cocktail dress...and went ahead and magicked up some wings.  After some thought, she put on a pair of sandals with wings.  If some butterfly-winged Fae flitting about, thought she was appropriating their fluttery adorableness, fie on them.  She'd wear what she wanted... after centuries of conservative hoity-toity Elven aristocracy saying that elven women needed to be all glowy, medieval-y and diadem-y....she'd had enough.  Glowy sparkly magickalness was all well and good, but everything in moderation.  Besides, human fashion was fun because it changed.

She decided to meet her date at one of her favorite women-centric social venues, called the [e bar].  She sat at the bar, nervously wringing her fingers.  It had been a long time since she'd done anything in the romantic vein.

She saw the Elf woman through the window of the E-Bar.  Just seeing her added to the trepidation she felt.  That..exquisite creature of beauty, was totally out of her league.  What was she thinking. She pulled out her phone.

She put away her cell phone with a sigh.  Rain check?  Stood up again?  Word must have even got around to the humans on how un-desirable she was.  Orc dung!  Well she guessed she could blow off some steam, the bow was in the car.  Archery was one of the few interests she had that was traditionally "Elven".  She hoped the hoity-toities didn't find out about that or there would be no end to the ribbing she'd get when she visited back home in Eldemar Gardens.

Bullseye-ing a target at her rugged hunting lodge property, up in wild country, would help make her feel better. Wouldn't it?

 She quickly realized she was ruining her pretty shoes traipsing through grass, but a little magick would fix that by preventing her heels from sinking in.  She tested the draw weight of the bow...needed a little adjusting.

Ready...wait for it..... Take that!

 After turning the target into a pincushion, she returned home to her demesne, hoping for a "next time". 

Now for some Gratuitous Cheesecake with Sax Shepherds Fae Metals Nip Covers along with his wings and Spirit of Giving jewelry set. (which I've been wearing the HELL out of) I've had the wings and nip covers for a while but didn't think about them much till I thought of doing an Elf-y post.

 Some standard shots in the studio, so everyone can see the Fae set better.  Cherie corset and panties by Luxuria.  They're simple metal filigree non-flexi wings.  The nip covers come in versions both non-lola and Lola-ized.  They fit well for nip covers, that surprised me, all I had to do was pull them away a bit and bingo. 

 The Fae Metals comes with a hud that lets you change the metal colors.  I, of course, have set it to black.

And here are the Hucci Vinnitsa add-on shoes for the Slink "High" feet.  I picked these up at C88 for L$888 for the fatpack.  Nice spring-y, fae-y sandal. While the wings aren't detachable, the buckle can be switched to silver and the sole color changed to one of 4 colors, including a proper red.

The dress is the Mutresse Stilna, comes with a hud that lets you change the colors of the various panels.  The ears are the Siyu Suen High Elf ears....which I found out about via The Blogging Elf, of course.  They're tintable/sizable via a hud.  I wish they  had applicators like feet do for a perfect match but with some work you can get them close enough.

And here is a shot of the PFC "Black Sorrow" bow and quiver.  The set comes in 3 colors, a black, this "ebony" and a light "nature" version.  Where did I first see this bow?  The Blogging Elf's blog, where else?  It should be obvious by now that I'm a fan of hers, though I don't do roleplay or medieval stuff.  She's just so PRETTY and ADORABLE.  Okay okay, I have thing for Elves (Liv Tyler's Arwen....sigh)...and The Blogging Elf is a redheaded one, which is just that much better.

This is such a PRETTY bow and quiver.

A couple of shots in profile with the bow drawn.

And yes, if you want to know about the best in Fantasy, Medieval and Role-play wear, you should be reading The Blogging Elf.  Or you can just look at the pictures of the pretty redheaded elf girl and squee one's Lord of the Rings addled lungs out...or maybe that's just me that does that.



Truth Hair

Belleza Skin

Ikon Eyes

Sax Shepherd Designs (jewelry, wings and nip covers

Luxuria Lingerie

Hucci Shoes

Slink mesh feet

Siyu Suen's Illusions, Masks and accessories (ears)

PFC, Pucca Firecaster Creations (bow)

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