Thursday, April 03, 2014

No Demo, No Purchase. More CC McCrankypants.

I have a rule.  If there's no demo for a wearable mesh item, I won't purchase.  It's that simple.  I consider demos an absolute requirement for any wearable mesh.

Today, a friend of mine visited a store called ArisAris and didn't see any demos.  I popped over thinking it was maybe a rez issue, or they were hidden in tiny prims on the vendors, but no.  There were NO Demos, NONE, Zero, Bupkis.  And before anyone asks, there aren't any demos on the ArisAris marketplace either.

This isn't some new designer either, this is 7 year old Ariadna Garrigus.  She should know better.  See that white tunic up there?  I kind of liked it and wanted to try it, but I'm not going to purchase it because Mesh is a crapshoot even within designers own lines....I need to know if it fits.  So I need a demo.  Heck, I don't even buy Truth Hair without demo-ing it first.

No Demo, No Purchase. 

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Glorf Bulmer said...

Shame, that. I have some (pre-mesh) ArisAris stuff, and like it... but I agree, the demo is non-negotiable in cases like this. Especially when you're like me, and have a shape that doesn't fit "standard sizing" - mesh needs to be checked carefully before purchase.

(I'm lucky in that some of my favourite designers *do* make mesh clothes that fit my shape... but you can bet they wouldn't be my favourites any more if they didn't have demos for testing!)